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Closet Valet Pole

Closet Valet Pole


Expanding your storage at home can be more seamless than you may initially think thanks to our sustainable and elegant components. At Wood Closet Designs, our closet valet pole options fit into the side panel of our custom closet systems, sliding out easily when you need to grab clothes. 

Then, you can slide it back into the panel and keep your clothes out of the way, ensuring the space is clean and your items are safe. To accommodate your preferred color palette, our valet poles for closets are available in different colors. Take a look at the closet valet pole selection below if you’re ready to expand your storage at home without hurting your interior design.   

Valet Rod A valet rod is a small pole that lets you hang clothes or accessories. The additional hanging space makes your items readily accessible for different occasions. You can piece together the perfect outfit or temporarily hang up garments. Either way, the convenient pole is a practical ad..
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