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Closet Islands

Closet Islands


If you have a large walk-in closet, our closet island might be a perfect solution for you to add both elegance and additional storage. Our islands are either 28" x 35" x 31" or 28” x 53” by 31” to offer options for walk-in closets of different sizes. We offer them in all our wood colors, such as white arctic maple, autumn oak, rosewood maple, and more! The closet islands are also available with the hardware and handle type that best suits your needs and aesthetic. Also, take advantage of the island's counter space and layout pieces that you want to highlight.


To complete the look of a modern and elegant closet, add drawers and their corresponding jewelry trays to safeguard all your precious jewels. To start designing your ideal closet island, use our closet builder. Or contact us to learn more. Our experts can assist you with your design!

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