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Upper Hanger

Upper Hanger


Upper Hanger Closet Hanger Organizer

You can avoid wrinkles and creases in your clothes by hanging specific items. Hanger compartments are a closet must-have, and you need the right features. Include an upper hanger closet hanger organizer in your wardrobe to store apparel, such as dresses and suit jackets. This storage solution saves drawer space and adds stylistic appeal to wardrobes. You can display your favorite pieces and have easy access to items. Our high closet rods are 16.25 inches x 18 inches x 71.25 inches and available in hardware colors that include matte nickel and polished chrome.  

Functionality is the most important aspect of closets. That’s why these high closet hanging rods are suitable for Wood Closet Design’s hanger compartments. Organize your space and protect your clothes with practical features. Check out our upper hanger closet hanger organizers now! 

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