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Side Panels

Side Panels


Closet Side Panels

Unlike other closet organizers, every inch of our closet systems is made from real, authentic, hand-crafted wood, and that includes our closet side panels! Like all our other closet features, our wood side panels are available in a variety of colors and wood types to match your closet organizer system. They are even available in unfinished oak or maple for peak customization possibilities.


side panel is necessary to start each closet system wall. If purchasing a corner per wall, you only need one side panel to complete the closet organizer system. Visit the closet builder to start designing your ideal closet, or contact us if you’d like assistance. Our closet experts would be glad to help you with your design!

Side Panel (necessary to start each wall). Please choose a side per wall. If purchasing a corner per wall only 1 side is needed to complete the closet...
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