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Closet Drawers

Closet Drawers


When you move into a home worth living in for a long time, you can design it inside and out to have incredible longevity. At Wood Closet Designs, our closet drawers are made with premium mechanisms and carpentry, ensuring their elegant look remains intact and invaluable to your daily habits. The drawers comprise soft-close slides that are mounted under the closet drawer unit. The concealed slides allow the focus to be on your beautiful wood drawers while also benefitting from its ability to close quietly and smoothly each time. All custom closet drawers come fully assembled and simply click into place after the slides are attached. After all, you shouldn’t have to endure a stressful build to bring your dream closet to life. Furthermore, our dove-tailed drawers are solid wood and have solid wood edging.


Our premium pieces such as our jewelry trays and baskets are the perfect complement to your solid-wood closet drawer unit. These pieces will not only enhance your organization but also improve the longevity of your fine and cherished goods. That way, not only will your drawers remain intact for a long time but so will any of the personal belongings you place inside. Now that you know where to find durable, elegant components, you can start designing your ideal closet with our online closet builder. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us to learn more. Our experts can assist you with your design to accomplish personalized, lasting results at home!

12" Drawer, 8" Drawer, Basket and 3 Shoe Shelves ..
12" Drawer, 8" Drawer, Basket and Upper Hanger..
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