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Built-In Closet Baskets

Built-In Closet Baskets


At first, closets can provide ample space for organizing belongings, making each morning convenient and swift. However, over time, you may realize you need  some reorganization to keep the closet from falling into chaos. The solution is easy; organize your clothing even further with our built-in closet baskets. Our closet baskets transform your closet space by providing extra shelving and storage that looks neat and orderly. 

Taking a custom approach to closet design might seem like a big project, but it doesn't always have to be. Keeping clutter in check is straightforward with the help of convenient hardware like closet basket drawers. Moreover, our built-in closet baskets are available with an optional cotton liner. The liners conceal parts of your closet you'd rather keep hidden such as delicates. The liner can also be removed for washing so that you can keep it as clean as the rest of the closet. Our closet basket drawers will save you time and frustration throughout your busy day.

To enhance your organization, add our laundry basket and liner to your unit. These elegant liners will conceal all your dirty laundry and match your organizer for a comprehensive, creative design. Plus, our built-in closet baskets accommodate homeowners who love interior design; the different color options make it easy to meet your closet’s visual needs luxuriously.

Moreover, you can use our drawers and their corresponding jewelry trays to complete your closet system. To start designing your ideal closet, use our closet builder online, or contact us to learn more. Our experts can assist you with your design!

12" Drawer, 8" Drawer, Basket and 3 Shoe Shelves ..
2- 12" Drawers, 8" Drawer, Basket and 4 Shelves..
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