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Closet Stool

We understand the frustration of high-shelving or the need for a place in your closet to sit and accomplish tasks like putting on your shoes. We developed a gorgeous small step stool for your closet that also acts as a closet bench! Our closet step stool was created with the exact dimensions to fit in your 14" hanger closet system perfectly with the adaptability to match your preferred aesthetic. Our small closet stool is upholstered and can be tailored with any of our beautiful wood colors. 

To complete your easy-to-use closet system, we recommend integrating our hamper basket and liner. These facets will not only improve usability but were also designed to create a smooth and seamless appearance. Love our products but don’t know where to start? Use our innovative closet builder that gives you the tools you need to design your dream closet. If you need extra assistance, contact us to learn more. Our experts can assist you with your design! 

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