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Corner Shoe Shelf

No one has time to trip over shoes—especially inside their closet. Keep your shoes off the ground and maximize space with a corner shoe shelf inside your wardrobe. From boots to sneakers, various types of footwear can stay in one area. Our wooden units are compact, practical, and long-lasting. Don’t stress about shoe storage when we have the perfect solution. By adding a shoe storage corner unit to your closet, you can increase floor space and reduce tripping accidents. Maintain a clean floor and arrange your footwear to your liking. 

Our corner shoe organizer is a rotating rack that allows you to access your footwear by moving the carousel-style shelf. You can better utilize storage space with this fun and useful feature. Complete your walk-in or reach-in system with a corner shoe shelf that’s 32 inches x 31.75 inches x 71.25 inches.  

This Rotating Shoe Rack from Wood Closet Designs features 7 discs among a black corner shoe rack carousel. Sometimes referred to as a Lazy Susan Shoe Rack, this rotating corner shoe rack allows you to easily access all of your shoes, boots, sandals, and more by easily rotating the shoe carousel..
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