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Shoe Shelf

Shoe Shelf


Shoe Closet Shelf

What’s better than a shoe closet shelf? Our Lazy Susan shoe rack style allows for easy access to footwear. When you’re interested in maximizing wardrobe space and need extra shoe storage, look no further. Wood Closet Designs is here to help complete your space. A shoe closet shelf is one of the best wardrobe upgrades to incorporate into your closet system. Don’t wrestle through pairs of shoes when a rotating shoe rack makes life easier. The carousel style lets you grab boots, sneakers, heels, and sandals without trouble! While designing your dream closet, don’t forget to add a corner shoe rack for a useful element. With colors like white artic maple and driftwood oak, there’s no doubt about style or range.  

Our shoe shelves come in a variety of sizes to accommodate even the largest shoe collection:

  • 2 Pair for 18” per shelf 
  • 3 pair for for 24” per shelf 
  • 4 pair for 30” per shelf 
  • 36 Pair for shoe tower corner unit (STB) 
This Rotating Shoe Rack from Wood Closet Designs features 7 discs among a black corner shoe rack carousel. Sometimes referred to as a Lazy Susan Shoe Rack, this revolving corner shoe rack allows you to easily access all of your shoes, boots, sandals, and more by easily rotating the shoe carousel. Pl..
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