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Double Hanger

Double Hanger


Double Hanger Closet Hanger Organizer

If you need a new way to organize your clothes at home, we have a solution ready for you today. Personalize your closet with Wood Closet Designs so you can find what you need conveniently every day. Our double hanger closet hanger organizer provides plenty of space for your clothes. These organizers come in elegant standing and hanging models, so you can choose which design fits most comfortably in your home. 

The double hanger closet hanger organizer from Wood Closet Designs also comes in many wood colors. These colors include White Arctic Maple, Charcoal Oak, Rosewood Maple, and more. Browse our DHS1 closets with double rods below to learn more about customization options, such as variable width, handle shape, and hardware color.  

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