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Closet Crown Molding

Closet Crown Molding


You don’t always have to install a big piece of decor to bring more style to your living space. Our closet crown molding is a way to bring subtle elegance to your storage at home, so your closet doesn’t lack the personality that the rest of your home showcases. Plus, our maple and oak closet components come in many colors, so our closet molding options are available in each of those shades.

That way, you can weave the crown molding in your closet as you see fit. It’s your home, so the only aesthetic standards you have to meet are your own. Browse the wardrobe crown molding below to learn additional information, such as the dimensions, weight, and more.

Crown molding is 3.5” wide by 6’ long. Carpentry and miter saw experience is encouraged...
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