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Drawers & Shelves

Drawers & Shelves


Master Stack Drawers and Shelves 

Take closet storage to the next level with master stack drawers and shelves. The structure maximizes space and efficiency because they have various drawers and shelves to fit your needs. Our beautifully crafted unit is perfect for closets and will complement your wardrobe. Store clothes, accessories, and other essentials all in one place! Master stack closet shelving installation is a breeze with our pre-measured and pre-built units. Seamlessly integrate the structure into your space and take advantage of the extra storage. 

Create a closet that suits your style and needs. When you want extra room, choose a space-saving feature that enhances the closet. Fall in love with the master stack closet organizer as you determine its functions. Our units are available in different widths and colors to ensure you choose the right piece. 

Add master stack drawers and shelves to your closet today. If you have any questions, our team is happy to assist you.  

2- 12" Drawers, 8" Drawer, Basket and 4 Shelves..
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