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Drawers & Hangers


Closet Drawer System 

Your wardrobe isn’t complete until you have a drawer system for closets.  Store your clothes in this easy-to-use system. Our wood closet drawers are available in wonderful colors like autumn oak, charcoal oak, and rosewood maple. The tall design complements wardrobe spaces and efficiently holds items. From coats to jackets and dresses to skirts, your clothing will fit flawlessly in our drawer system for closets! Modular closet drawers offer optimal organization and a stylish touch to your space. The simple click-in-place feature allows you to install closet drawers in no time. Enjoy a sleek design and versatile storage capabilities. When you have wood closet drawers, you have a beautiful piece of hardware that’s also functional. The best part is that the modular closet drawers come in widths of 18, 24, and 30, making them ideal for various wardrobe sizes.  

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