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Cloth Basket Liner

Cloth Basket Liner


A cloth basket liner can help homeowners create a storage space that reflects their stylistic preferences while performing an essential function: keeping their belongings safe and secure. Cloth-lined baskets are lightweight and non-intrusive, so you can add more space while keeping the area clean and pristine.  

After all, it’s easy for closets to become messy, but consistent and reliable storage solutions ensure you can reduce clutter successfully. Our baskets with cloth liners are just as easy to install as they are to remove when it’s time to clean them. Plus, each cloth basket liner is made from 100 percent cotton. Get fabric basket liners from Wood Closet Designs if you want to outfit your closet with easy, effective tools for organization. 

Cloth Basket Liners are made of 100% cotton and make a great addition to your closet. Can be quickly and easily removed for washing...
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