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Closet Hamper

Closet Hamper


Instead of taking up ample space and lacking a distinct style, your closet hamper can blend into the whole layout of the room with beauty and convenience. Our laundry bags available at Wood Closet Designs slip easily into solid wood hampers, creating a seamless way to store the bag when you’re not using it. However, the design still allows for quick access to the cloth laundry bag when you need it.  

Instead of seeing dirty clothes each time you open the closet, you can ensure they will reside out of the way in a safe place. The closet laundry bags at Wood Closet Designs are made of 100 percent cotton. Whether you need one or several, our laundry bags will bring customization and convenience to your closet.  

Cloth Laundry Bags are made of 100% cotton and are perfect for your hamper. Can be quickly and easily removed for transportation of clothes or cleaning...
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