Wood Closet Designs offers an assortment of custom features and high-quality materials so customers can attain their dream closet. Our customers have the added benefit of choosing a finished or unfinished wood closet system to further enhance the customization process.

Customizing an Unfinished Wood Closet System

At Wood Closet Designs, we provide a variety of in both oak and maple wood. For those with a specific color in mind, our unfinished wood closet systems are available for purchase. The unfinished wood option allows for precise customization so you can stain or paint your wood closet to your liking. Regardless of what option you choose, we guarantee that our custom wood closets will provide timeless warmth and elegance.

A Closer Look at our Unfinished Wood Closet System

Customers of Wood Closet Designs enjoy the opportunity to tailor their closets to best suit their needs. Tom Hardy, a satisfied customer who purchased an unfinished wood closet system, commended our closets for not only being well crafted, but also for being straightforward to build. Tom stated, "the craftsmanship and quality of the units were outstanding," and that he was incredibly pleased with the outcome below.

To achieve the closet photographed above, Tom trimmed the baseboard around the bottom of the unit and configured his wood closet system to include an accessible electrical outlet. Tom's closet is 9 feet deep and is 6.5 feet wide. He also tailored his closet to match and complement his hardwood flooring. These kinds of modifications are possible for all our wood closet designs.

Use Our Design Feature to Get Inspired

We know that designing a closet can be a complicated process; that’s why we simplify that process with our online Closet Builder. This way, you can easily create the closet of your dreams. You only need to know the dimensions of your walls to review hundreds of options to plan your finished or unfinished wood closet system. If you have any questions, please contact us today! Our representatives would be happy to assist you.