Pantries offer functional food storage for non-perishable goods. Although they’re staples in most homes, many overlook their stylistic capabilities. Read these five easy ways to upgrade your kitchen pantry and consider making improvements.

Hang Lightweight Accessories

Get the most out of your kitchen pantry by using vacant spaces. Place shelving units within the pantry and hooks on the back of the door and walls. Then, hang lightweight accessories like oven mitts, spatulas, and other utensils on the hooks. Place crackers, chips, snack bars, and other small snacks on the shelves. This pantry upgrade lets you store more items.

Incorporate Open Shelving

Incorporating open shelving is an easy way to upgrade your kitchen pantry. Open shelves eliminate barriers to accessing food because of their convenient design. It’s easy to see what you have on hand and spot areas to reorganize. Not to mention, open shelves are low maintenance. Knobs and hinges become loose over time, and low-grade cabinets sag on the inside. This isn’t a problem for open shelves. They’re solid, easy-to-use structures.

Organize in Categories

Visually appealing pantries have a high level of organization. While we’re not saying to color-code snacks or label every bin, you can organize items into categories. Essentially, designate shelves for specific pantry goods. For example, one shelf can hold canned goods, and another can hold cereal and snacks. The idea is to create uniformity.

Add Extra Lighting

Not all kitchen pantries have adequate lighting. In fact, some pantries don’t have lighting at all. Illuminate your space with extra fixtures. Mount LED fixtures or install strips in the pantry to experience bright, white lights. Consider motion-sensor LEDs for additional convenience. Regardless of your lighting preference, extra illumination is always a good choice.

Line Shelves With Adhesive Paper

Enhance your pantry with colorful adhesive paper. The paper protects shelves from scratches, water rings, and spills that can ruin wood while adding a decorative element. This simple upgrade can transform boring pantries into eye-catching organization systems.

Need Something New? No Problem!

Sometimes, you need more than a few pantry upgrades. You may benefit from a new system! Don’t settle for an outdated pantry when you’re due for major improvements. At Wood Closet Designs, we have customizable solid wood closet systems. Contact our team today to start creating your masterpiece!