Transform your closet into the ultimate Zen sanctuary. Our tips for creating a calming experience in your master closet will help you enhance your space. Prepare for a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere in no time!

Declutter the Space

A calm closet is a clutter-free closet. The first way to create a relaxing experience is to declutter the space. Organize clothes into drawers, shelves, and hanging systems. Place footwear on shoe racks and make sure items don’t crowd the floor. When you enter the closet, everything should be in its place.

Incorporate Calming Scents

Lavender, rose, chamomile, and sandalwood are calming scents. They soothe your mind and body. Furthermore, the scents contribute to relaxing environments. The best way to add calming scents to your closet is with a diffuser. Place a few drops of essential oil in the unit and let the fragrance flow through the space.

For an alternative method, place a bag of potpourri in your drawers or shelves. The scent will drift into the room and your clothes, adding a nice and sweet touch.

Add Mood Lighting

Create a calming experience in your master closet with mood lighting. Set the tone with color-changing LED light strips. Cool illumination in the form of white or blue lights brings an upbeat mood to the space. Alternatively, warm shades like yellow, orange, and purple create a serene atmosphere. The right lighting makes a big impact on any closet system.

Along with LED strips, it’s a good idea to incorporate overhead lighting to serve as general illumination. This helps you see items with ease.

Include a Cozy Element

For walk-in closets, you can include a plush chair with a throw blanket to serve as a cozy element inside the room. Cozy décor is a great addition to any closet system. Flameless LED candles, pictures, and countertop décor are other awesome choices. Don’t be afraid to add anything you see fit!

Use Wood Closet Design’s closet builder to design your perfect closet system. Let our experts and design tools help you every step of the way. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us!