Now that you have your dream closet, it’s time to maintain it. Like any household space, cleaning and organizing the area enhances its appearance. It also increases the lifespan of the hardware. If you need assistance, check out the ultimate maintenance guide for custom wood closets.

Importance of Maintaining Closets

It’s difficult to find specific items in a cluttered closet. Maintenance and organization ensure that you properly store apparel without overcrowding the wardrobe. Furthermore, closet maintenance links to stress levels.

A study from Cornell University found that clutter and chaotic environments increase stress. The last thing you want is a closet that makes you overwhelmed. Your wardrobe should be a calm space that stores clothes, footwear, and accessories. A well-maintained closet looks good and creates a calm atmosphere.

How To Clean Wood Material

Cleaning a wood closet system requires you to treat the system like wood furniture and clean it with non-abrasive cleaners. To maintain the closet system, use a lint-free damp cloth to wipe down the hardware. You can also use a non-detergent cleaner or mineral spirits.

Be sure to spray the cleaners on the cloth and not directly onto the hardware. Liquids can cause discoloration on wood. Additionally, it may swell or crack the wood. To get rid of scuff marks, use a solvent-based cleanser and a microfiber towel to wipe away imperfections.

For dirt marks, use a damp towel with dish soap and water. This should do the trick! Afterward, dry the spot with a clean, dry cloth.

Unlike other household items, wood systems need gentle care. Excessive scrubbing and heavy-duty tools aren’t necessary. In fact, harsh cleaning does more harm than good as you risk wood damage.

Cleaning Products To Avoid

After discussing the right cleaners, it’s critical to address the wrong products. You don’t want to ruin your closet system with the wrong maintenance practices. Here are cleaning products you shouldn’t use:

  • Acetone
  • Acetate
  • Ethyl
  • Furniture wax
  • Scrubbers or steel wool
  • Harsh cleaners

Consequences of Using the Wrong Products

Generally, wood closets are low maintenance, requiring simple cleaning. Sometimes, people overcomplicate maintenance and think washing with heavy-duty solutions removes dirt and grime. While it may remove filth, it will also affect hardware. Harsh cleaners strip the wood’s protective coating, making hardware vulnerable to discoloration and cracks. Stick with non-harsh cleaners and lint-free cloths. Simple cleaning goes a long way!

Tips for Making Your Closet Smell Good

Cleaning and maintaining your closet ensure a tidy system. But don’t forget about the wardrobe’s smell. Over time, the space can trap odors and begin to smell musty. A smelly closet system isn’t desirable, and you may shy away from the wardrobe. Fortunately, you can improve the closet’s smell and prevent odors by following a few tips. Check out these ways to make the space smell good:

  • Don’t store damp clothes in your closet. Mildew forms on damp clothes, and mold can spread on the walls, resulting in musty odors. After removing damp clothes, the smell may persist for a long time. Prevent this problem by only storing dry apparel.
  • Use wood hangers. Wood hangers absorb odors. They’re also aesthetically pleasing in wood closet systems.
  • Keep a container of baking soda in the space. Typically, people place baking soda in the refrigerator to keep the area fresh. Apply this practice to closets. A container of baking soda absorbs odor. Be sure to put the container in a spot that you don’t frequently encounter. This prevents knocking it over and accidentally spilling the baking soda on clothes.
  • Incorporate your favorite fragrance. Spray fragrance on cotton balls or tissue. When they’re dry, place the cotton balls or tissue in drawers or shelves. The scent adds a nice aroma.
  • Eliminate the source of bad odors. Dirty clothes and stinky shoes are common odor culprits in closets. Don’t let foul smells linger. Instead, find the stench source and remove it from the space.

Good Maintenance Practices

Proper cleaning is a major part of maintenance, but don’t forget about hardware upkeep. It’s all about treating hardware features right. Obvious mistreatment like climbing on shelves, standing on islands, or overcrowding hanger compartments leads to damage. Furthermore, placing too many items on shelves or inside drawers can weaken units. Thus, the best maintenance practice is to space out apparel and accessories.

It’s also good to create a cleaning schedule. Each closet system ranges in size, and cleaning expectations may differ. For example, cleaning a walk-in closet takes more time than tidying a single wall or reach-in system. This is because walk-ins have more hardware features. Assess your closet system and determine a good schedule. Perhaps you wipe down shelves and drawers once a week, or maybe you dust every two weeks. Select your ideal cleaning times.

How Organization Affects the Closet

As previously mentioned, a cluttered space increases stress. For better clarity and control, organization is critical for closets. Easily locate clothes by using beneficial hardware. Let the closet system become a resourceful tool rather than the source of problems.

Why Custom Closets Support Organization

Oftentimes, pre-installed closets force us to conform to the wardrobe’s style and features. However, custom systems put the power back in your hands. You don’t fit the closet; your closet fits you. Depending on your apparel and accessories, you hopefully selected a solid wood closet system that aligns with your lifestyle.

This supports better organization as various hardware stores clothes. If you own many suits or dresses, wood hanger compartments effectively hold items. If you’re interested in efficient drawer space, closet islands are perfect for walk-in systems. Ultimately, when you have the features you need, organization is a breeze! Don’t worry about tossing clothes around or sacrificing apparel to fit other items. Your custom closet provides more than enough room for everything.

How an Annual Deep Clean Helps

Of course, dusting and wiping hardware is a part of regular closet maintenance. However, an annual deep clean enhances the appearance of your closet system. Once a year, remove items from your closet and clean the shelves, drawers, doors, and all other surfaces. The goal is to remove dust and grime. This is also a good time to reorganize the space if you want to switch up the closet’s flow. After cleaning, place your apparel back inside, and add a new container of baking soda. The wardrobe will look and smell fresh!

After reading the ultimate maintenance guide for custom wood closets, you can uphold the appearance of your system. If you don’t have a custom closet but are interested in one, please contact Wood Closet Designs. Our experts and design tools will help you create the perfect closet.

The Ultimate Maintenance Guide for Custom Wood Closets