A well-organized pantry creates balance in your home. Don’t let clutter or unsatisfactory hardware make you hate the area. Instead, know that it’s a sign that you need an upgrade. Read the signs your pantry could use a custom makeover and personalize your space.

The Pantry Doesn’t Match Your Aesthetic

People overlook pantries because they’re closed-off spaces in the kitchen. However, that doesn’t mean they don’t require styling. Remember to change the pantry if you undergo home renovations or appliance upgrades. An updated system is charming and eye-catching, and it will match the aesthetic of the rest of your kitchen.

Items Constantly Fall off Shelves

Your pantry could use a custom makeover if items constantly fall off shelves. When you enter the pantry, you shouldn’t fear soup cans hitting your head or boxes slamming on the ground. Typically, old units have weak shelves that don’t support pantry goods. That’s why cans and boxes slide off shelves, creating messes.

It’s time for an upgrade if you constantly deal with these problems. Revamp your kitchen with a functional pantry that meets all your needs.

You Notice Odd Smells

Dealing with an unpleasant odor in your pantry is frustrating. No one wants foul odors next to their food. However, outdated or damaged pantries may carry bad elements. For example, mold and mildew give pantries a musty and stale odor. This is similar to the smell of decaying wood or wet, stale laundry. This scent can transfer to goods, making food smell odd.

Although cleaning your pantry will keep odors at bay, sometimes it’s best to receive a pantry makeover. Remove mold and mildew-covered hardware and replace them with new features. This will help you combat odd smells once and for all!

You Frequently Avoid the Area

Would you rather order takeout than search for food in the pantry? Do you avoid opening the pantry door? If so, you need a new one. The pantry is an essential part of homes as it stores non-perishable goods, like canned vegetables, soup, and dry cereal. To get the most out of the area, you need a user-friendly pantry that’s functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Create your ideal pantry with a DIY wood closet system from Wood Closet Designs. Our hardware fits various aesthetics, including rustic and modern looks. Enjoy a stunning pantry with our help!