You need a closet that’s as unique as you. You also deserve a space with durable hardware. And that’s why wood closets are the top selection. They’re reliable and chic. But there’s more information regarding this wardrobe choice. Check out everything you need to know about custom wood closets today!

Why Select a Custom Wood Closet?

Closets should fit your life and living space. To ensure that you receive the best storage solutions, you should customize your closet. In particular, you should select a custom wood closet system because they’re attractive and elegant.

Wood is a durable and sturdy material. And when it comes to a long-lasting closet system, you need the best material. Don’t worry about warping or bending when wood can withstand stacks of clothes, pairs of shoes, and other items. Think of your customized closet as an investment. You wouldn’t select flimsy or lackluster materials when wood is the top choice.

Create a well-designed wardrobe with top quality wood to ensure a tasteful closet.

What Makes Wood Superior?

There’s a reason why wood is a common building material. It’s robust, efficient, and great for various applications. For closets, wood offers style and resilience. You don’t need a closet system that “cracks under pressure.” A few stacks of clothes and piles of accessories shouldn’t affect hardware.

Some closet hardware can’t withstand items and suffer from damage like collapsing shelves. Fortunately, this isn’t the case for wood! Enjoy a long-lasting closet that holds your apparel.

This high-value material is gorgeous and classy. It adds a touch of luxury to any home. So why not incorporate wood inside your closet? With wonderful colors and finishes, you can create the ultimate storage space.

Don’t Overlook the Richness of Wood

Like any part of your home, a closet is a space that requires attention to detail. In many cases, a closet is an extension of the bedroom. If you have wood elements or are interested in the appearance, don’t overlook custom wood closets. The richness and aesthetic suits personal tastes. Wood closets are great for men and women as they offer a cabinetry-style atmosphere. As you incorporate embellishments and personal touches (pictures, artwork, etc.), the space will become a lavish part of your home. Select your organizational layout and floor plan to get the most out of your closet system.

Quality Assurance

“Durable,” “long-lasting,” and “resilient” are a few terms that describe custom wood closets. When you select this option, especially from Wood Closet Designs, you receive a high level of quality assurance. With unrivaled quality, affordable pricing, and sustainable practices, we believe everyone deserves a premier closet system. Our products are stable and ideal for long-term use. You never have to question value with us. Your wood closet will uphold its appearance from the day you install the unit. Prepare for a great closet with undeniable elegance.

Closet Options

Wood Closet Designs offer three closet options. They include single wall, reach-in, and walk-in. Single wall closets are great for small spaces because the shelves and hangers offer suitable storage. When you want a personalized area but lack a lot of space, single wall is the best choice.

Reach-in closets are simple and functional. Like the single wall option, they require less space. However, you have more hardware choices. For instance, you can incorporate more shelves and wood hanging compartments in the area.

Walk-in closets are spacious and great for personalization. Of course, the other closet systems are customizable, but walk-ins offer various design options. From closet islands to master stacks, you can personalize an entire room.

Regardless of your closet system choice, you will receive excellent wood hardware to install inside the wardrobe.

Color Selections

One of the best things about real wood closet systems is that you can match your aesthetic with stylish color selections. In short, “brown” isn’t the only color option for wood closets. We offer pleasant colors like White Artic Maple, Cinnamon Maple, Charcoal Oak, and Driftwood Oak. Our shades are classy, beautiful, and wonderful for any closet.

While designing your wardrobe, assess the different color choices and find your perfect match. Perhaps you prefer a sophisticated wardrobe with dark hues. In that case, Espresso Maple is the shade for you. Maybe you’re interested in a boutique-inspired wardrobe. For this scenario, Hardrock Maple or White Artic Maple are excellent selections. With Wood Closet Designs, we’re sure you’ll find a stylish shade to fit your needs.

Features To Incorporate

You can’t have a wood closet system without hardware. That’s how you store apparel and accessories. Depending on your layout, you can integrate different units. Here are some things to consider:

  • Closet drawers
  • Shelves
  • Shoe rack
  • Master stack
  • Islands
  • Side panels

Important Note

Hardware like closet islands is only ideal for walk-in closets. The unit offers additional storage for clothes and accessories. Our island units are 28 inches x 35 inches x 31 inches or 28 inches x 53 inches x 31 inches. They’re too bulky for a single wall or reach-in system. Luckily, our other accessories and product categories fit inside our closet options. To ensure the perfect fit, measure your wardrobe dimensions and select units that fit within the space.

How To Enhance Your Closet

Customization goes beyond shelves and drawers. You can enhance the space with functional accessories and stylistic improvements. For instance, add lighting inside shelves to illuminate clothes and shoes. This mimics a display case at retail stores. Furthermore, cloth basket liners and closet valet poles are pleasant selections because they’re non-intrusive and functional.

When it comes to enhancing your customized closet, pick features and items that make your user experience better. If you own a lot of trinkets and jewelry, designate a drawer to hold these items. If you own a lot of footwear, add a shoe rack (or two). No one knows your preferences better than you, so personalize the closet with the best units and features.

Always Maximize Your Closet

Ideally, your closet will hold all clothing items and accessories. To create the best wardrobe, it’s essential to maximize the space. Our hardware pieces are versatile. They have various storage compartments. Our pieces prioritize vertical and horizontal space, enabling room for maximum storage.

Of course, you don’t have to fill every drawer, shelf, or hanger to its capacity, but you have room to transition (or incorporate) new apparel any time. During the design process, be sure to add hardware that aligns with your possessions.

Create Your Dream Closet

After reviewing everything you need to know about custom wood closets, you probably want a custom space. Fortunately, Wood Closet Designs is here to help you! Utilize our closet builder tool to design your ideal space. Our professional design team will bring your closet to life. Start your journey today!

Everything You Need To Know About Custom Wood Closets