Linen closets become a source of chaos without a proper organizational system. Learn how to maximize the space for your convenience. Read our easy tips for upgrading your linen closet and improving your area today!

Start With a New Closet System

Customized closets aren’t exclusive to wardrobes. You can customize your linen closet too! Create a space that fits your needs and effectively stores your possessions. Depending on the room, you can design a single-wall or reach-in system to hold items.

The best part is that our help makes designing your linen closet easy. At Wood Closet Designs, we have a closet builder tool that lets you design your ideal system. Start fresh today with a new and improved closet!

Decrease Clutter

Leftover pillowcases from old bedding, worn-out bath towels, and oversized duvets clutter your linen closet. It’s hard to fit new material in the closet when unnecessary things take up space. Restore functionality by decreasing clutter. Remove old and unused linens to create more room in the linen closet.

Pro tip: Use old linens as dust rags! The soft material is perfect for cleaning different surfaces.

Maximize the Space

Maximize space by reorganizing linens. Typically, duvet covers are larger and thicker than sheets and shams. Place duvets on larger shelves to ensure you have enough room for the material. It’s also best to fold bedding, towels, and tablecloths to maximize shelf space.

Use Baskets as Organizational Zones

Upgrade your linen closet with baskets! Not only are they aesthetically pleasing, but they create organizational zones. Instead of laying items on shelves, the baskets offer compartments for specific things. For example, hold washcloths and facial towels in one basket and place dry towels in another one.

The organizational system comes in handy when you put away items on laundry day. Don’t randomly store things in the closet when the baskets offer perfect placement.

Add Labels to Baskets

Along with baskets, add labels to the compartments to easily access specific items. Think of all the people who frequently visit the closet. If your spouse, kids, or house guests enter the area, it’s easy for them to move items around and misplace them. However, labels prevent misplacements! Add labels to baskets or shelves to organize each area.

If you have young kids, add pictures to baskets or shelves. Doing so helps children identify things inside the closet!