A vacant closet is more than a glorified storage room. It’s the perfect place to create your dream nook! Look at the best ways to transform unused closet space for some ideas.

In-Home Library

An in-home library is perfect for book lovers because you can store all your literature in one place. Consider this as an elevated version of a bookcase. Install shelves and magazine racks inside the closet. Then, you can organize your books to your liking and add different features to the space. For example, you can add a bean bag chair for a comfy place to sit and read.

Mini Office

If you need a workspace but don’t have room to spare, create a mini office in a vacant closet! Remove the closet door, and add a desk, chair, and shelves. A mini office is great for remote work days or for completing personal tasks. The office can also be a homework corner for your kids. The small space eliminates distractions, allowing children to focus on their work.

If your ex-closet is windowless, decorate the space with bright wallpaper or fun art. Add a lamp if your mini office doesn’t have overhead lighting.

Vanity Station

Turn an empty closet into a functional vanity station. Along with a table, decorative stool, and shelves, incorporate lighting and mirrors to enhance the space. You can also install a wall rack to hold nail polish or add other storage features for your cosmetics. A vanity station frees up space in other parts of your home; you can store beauty products here instead of in the bathroom.

Laundry Room

Creating a laundry room is an amazing way to transform unused closet space. Depending on your home’s layout, the laundry room may be far from the bedrooms, and laundry day can be a real hassle. Hook up a washer and dryer inside the closet, and add shelves to store detergent, fabric softener, and other essentials. You can also add a hanger rod and folding station to make the room user-friendly. Ultimately, this practical transformation can make your life easier.

Craft Corner

Minimize clutter in other parts of your home by turning your closet into a craft corner. Install a desk and chair for a place to sit while crafting. It’s also important to incorporate shelves and other storage options to hold everything, from ribbons to tiny decals. Remember to add lighting and other helpful features inside the room.

Repurpose a spare closet with the right hardware, and incorporate our DIY wood closet system into your closet makeover. If you have any questions, reach out today!