Mudrooms minimize clutter and support organization. However, some rooms aren’t functional and can benefit from an upgrade. Check out these efficient ways to upgrade your mudroom right now!

Break Room Into Zones

Make sure your mudroom is user friendly by breaking the room into zones. You can designate a hook, basket, and shelf for each person. If you have children, consider color-coding or labeling each zone. This helps kids locate their things.

Install Ceramic Tile

Installing ceramic tile is an efficient way to upgrade your mudroom because it's easy to clean. The mudroom is a high-traffic area prone to muddy shoe tracks, dirty outerwear, and other messy things. You don't want hard-to-clean or delicate flooring that may suffer from damage. Make life easier with simple flooring that you can clean with a mop!

Luxury vinyl and natural stone tile are great options if you're interested in other low-maintenance floors! Both are visually pleasing and can complement your aesthetic.

Add a Pet Nook

Everyone can enjoy the mudroom, including your pets. Make a comfortable hangout spot with a pet nook, and add a bed, food and water bowls, and toys. You can also store leashes, extra food, and other items in a designated basket.

Create a Boot-Drying Area

It’s in the name. Mudrooms are for mud. However, no one wants dirty floors all the time. Create a boot drying area to minimize muddy tracks and help your home stay clean. You can add a drying mat or designate a nook for dirty shoes. Either way, you’ll improve your space.

Add a Door

Whether your mudroom is an actual room or more of a hallway, add a door to increase functionality. Ideally, you don’t want high-traffic, messy areas in the direct line of sight. Therefore, you should separate your spaces with internal doors. You can choose a traditional door or opt for something luxurious like French sliding doors. The choice is up to you!

Build your dream mudroom with the right hardware and furnishings. Use our closet layout tool to come one step closer to your ideal space. If you have any questions, contact us today!