Closet organization is a task that many of us put off for far too long. However, establishing an organizational system is a game changer. Implementing closet zones is one of the most effective ways to arrange your space. Read this quick guide on what you need to know about closet zones to learn more about this organization method.

What Are Closet Zones?

Closet zones are areas of your closet that you organize by category of clothing or item. For example, zones can include sections for shoes, pants, shirts, sweaters, and accessories. The idea is to assign each item to a specific zone, making finding and returning things easier.

Why Are Closet Zones Important?

You establish a system that helps you stay organized and cut down on clutter by implementing closet zones. After all, it’s easy to let things pile up in your closet when you don’t have a specific space for everything.

Additionally, closet zones make it easier to see what wardrobe items you have and what you might need. Shopping lists become more manageable when you can easily identify things within each zone since you can see where the gaps in your wardrobe may lie.

How To Create Closet Zones?

Creating closet zones is another thing you need to know about them. Start by assessing your closet’s layout and identifying areas where you can maximize space. Consider what items you want to add or remove and if you need new storage solutions.

It’s time to start creating the zones once you know what items you want to store. Use hangers, baskets, or boxes to allocate space for each item group.

You can use rods and shelves to divide sections or combine both. Label each zone so you know exactly what they hold.

Tips for Maintaining Closet Zones

Implementing closet zones doesn’t stop with the initial setup. A helpful tip is to make sure that each zone is easily accessible. Create height and space for each zone so that you can easily move things in and out of them.

For example, hang your most commonly worn items in the center of your closet, with less frequently worn items on the outskirts. Fold stackable clothes (i.e., jeans or crewnecks) on shelves to free up hanging space.

You can also adjust your closet zones as your wardrobe changes. Add or remove zones, move things around, and adjust the items within each area as you deem necessary. Regular maintenance will ensure your closet stays functional for your needs.

Although creating this organization system is a simple yet effective strategy, what you need to know about closet zones may require more research and a helpful hand. Use Wood Closet Design’s closet builder to customize your closet space if you find it needs a revamp. We’re only a phone call away if you have any questions!