Knowing what you want from a closet will help create an efficient system. Luckily, some factors can guide your decisions. Check out these important questions to ask when designing a custom closet.

What Are the Dimensions of My Closet?

Measure your space to determine the dimensions of your closet. This way, you’ll know what pieces can fit inside the area. Be mindful of any obstacles like windows, outlets, and wiring, so you can plan around them.

What Are My Organizational Goals?

People design custom closets to accommodate their lifestyle. Therefore, it’s important to think about your organizational goals. What doesn’t work in your current system and how do you want to change it? Maybe you want an upgrade from a tight space, or perhaps you want to optimize storage in an older home. Consider all the ways a wooden closet system can meet your needs!

Who Will Use the Closet?

Will you share a closet or use it as your personal space? If you want a two-person closet, consider each person's space requirement. You may split the closet into two sections to accommodate different storage needs.

Consider various things that may influence the design if this is a single-person closet. For example, you may want an extra hanger compartment to store off-season clothes.

Regardless of the plans, have a solid idea of how you'll utilize the closet.

What Are My Style and Storage Needs?

One question to ask when designing a custom closet pertains to what your personal style and storage needs are. Regarding style, think about the furniture and hardware you’ll incorporate. Some people choose specific themes or match their home’s aesthetic to the closet.

For storage, it’s critical to consider all your apparel, shoes, and accessories. Take inventory of your possessions and determine what storage solutions work.

Most closets integrate multiple storage solutions like drawers, hanger compartments, shelves, or closet islands.

What Is My Budget?

Ideally, everyone wants to fulfill their closet wish list. However, it’s important to determine a budget for your dream closet. Use our closet design tool to modify layouts and compare prices for storage solutions. You can create a budget-friendly closet that meets your stylistic standards.