Arranging clothes and accessories shouldn’t be a daunting task. Get the most out of your closet with the right hardware. Follow these five ways to enhance your custom closet space and make helpful improvements.

Incorporate Hanging Shelves

Whether you have limited floor space or prefer cleared ground, incorporating hanging shelves will enhance your closet. The unit utilizes wall space to display shelves. This hardware works in single-wall, reach-in, and walk-in closets. It also adds a modern appearance to the area. Arrange apparel and enjoy the clean-cut, sleek appearance!

Consider Double Rods

Hanging rods are essential to closets, as they store clothes you don’t store in drawers. If you need extra room, consider double rods. They divide your hanging space into two sections, with an upper and lower rod. You can fit more clothes without overcrowding the upper rod. This is also a great organizational tool. For instance, the upper rod can hold shirts, and the lower one holds pants.

Utilize Internal Dividers

Sometimes, all you need is a touch of organization. Internal dividers go inside drawers to separate items. Typically, people select jewelry trays to store trinkets and prevent premature tarnishing. However, internal dividers come in various sizes, and you can use them for different reasons. Organize clothes, hats, scarves, and other accessories. Dividers are the ultimate storage tool and are useful for all closet systems.

Add a Rotating Shoe Rack

Create a closet carousel with a rotating shoe rack. Store all types of footwear and rotate the unit with ease. In general, a shoe rack is useful for all closets because you avoid overcrowding the floor with shoes (which isn’t aesthetically pleasing). The revolving rack is user-friendly and a unique touch to closets!

Grab a Multipurpose Furniture Piece

Adding multipurpose furniture in your custom closet is a smart way to enhance the space. This idea works for walk-in closets, as the room has extra space. Storage benches are excellent additions to custom closets because they add style and purpose. The plush seating can match your aesthetic and hold apparel. No one knows what’s inside the bench but you! Hold sweaters, shirts, pants, or out-of-season items in the seat. You’ll love this gorgeous piece of furniture.

Let Wood Closet Designs help you. Use our closet layout tool to design your ideal space. Then, let our experts bring your vision to life. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us!