Free yourself of unnecessary clothes, footwear, and things inside your closet. If you don’t know where to start, look at our helpful suggestions. Check out the common items to consider purging from your closet now!

Dry Cleaning Bags and Hangers

If you frequently dry clean your clothes, you likely have a large collection of plastic bags and hangers that take up space in your closet. But now is the time to toss those items away. You can recycle the material or use it for future projects. For example, plastic dry-cleaning bags make great tarps for paint jobs. To reduce future clutter, ask your dry cleaner service to skip the plastic.

Shopping Bags and Empty Shoe Boxes

Shopping bags and empty shoe boxes are common sources of wardrobe clutter. Both things hog floor space and hinder the appearance of your closet, and the last thing you want is clutter all over the small space. It’s best to recycle bags and boxes.

Damaged Clothes and Shoes

Bleach-stained shirts, ripped pants, and footwear with holes don’t belong in your closet. Get rid of damaged items that are beyond repair. You can toss them out or give them to a fabric recycling center. Either way, they’re out of your wardrobe.

Special-Occasion Garments

Special-occasion garments are items to purge from your closet. This includes bridesmaids’ gowns, prom dresses, special suits, and other event-specific clothing. These are things you’ll only wear once. You can resell apparel, donate garments, or give them to friends and family. Don’t let apparel sit in your closet when others can use it!

Irrelevant Clothing

Irrelevant clothing refers to anything that doesn’t fit your current lifestyle. For example, old work shirts or T-shirts from former schools are irrelevant items. You don’t want to overcrowd your closet with unnecessary garments that you rarely wear. Of course, some items have a nostalgic factor (i.e., alum shirts from college). But they shouldn’t take up precious wardrobe space. You can store those items away and donate other unnecessary garments.

Sometimes, you need more than a closet purge to revamp your space. Use Wood Closet Design’s online closet builder to design your new system. If you have any questions, contact us today.